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I have a sections on a US store and I want to push them to my EU store.

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To push from one zone to another:

1.  Open the entity (product, page, article, collection, or blog) containing the zone with content.

2.  Select 'Push Sections to..' in the bulk actions dropdown at the bottom of the page.

3.  If push to a remote shop, enter the shop name in the Destination Shop textbox.

4.  (If remote shop)  Open the remote shop and create a file in the snippets folder called 'sa-allow.liquid' with the domain of your current shop on one line.  Multiple domains can be added on new lines.   See the example below.  (change domains to your shop)

5.  This will enable your current shop to push files to the remote shop.  If valid, the destination shop textarea should reveal a green border.

6.  Choose the remote theme.

7.  Select which zone to push or choose all zones.   (this will overwrite existing zone content by the same name)

8. Choose one or more entities to push to.

9.  Click 'Push Zones to Selected Entities'

10. You're done!  laugh There should be a green check next to each selected entity to indicate success.  

See demo:  

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