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I don't want to have to go to every product page to update the same section in my bottom zone.

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1. Create a new page called Global Sections.  

2.Create a blank template called page.global-sections.liquid with just zone includes in the file like below (zones named whatever you like):

{% include 'atb' zone:"GlobalBottom"%}

{% include 'atb' zone:"Global Video"%}

3. In Sections Anywhere, add content to your new zone.

4. In your page template (page.liquid) , add the following code where you want the content to appear : 

{% assign global_inc = 'sa-page25851822134.json'%}
{% include 'atb' zone:"Bottom"%}
{% assign global_inc = ''%}

25851822134 will be replaced with the Global Page section ID

Replace 25851822134 with the page id of the global section page. Make sure the zone name matches the zone where you put the content.



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